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by iheartblob

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when architecture has it in all the right places

We no longer live in a purely physical world; we live in a post-digital hybrid that is simultaneously simulacra and tangible. The digital is so interlaced into our everyday consciousness that we often take for granted its impacts on society, politics and culture. We’re oversaturated with digital content, and the physical architecture that surrounds it is stretched and deflated - it can no longer barricade the digital inside.

Thicc Seams looks at the world not as physical versus digital objects but as two juggernauts jostling in the same space; their seams, their edges and their layers are becoming exposed as the digital is beginning to seep out. It is these moments that give us the most understanding about the relationships between physical and digital objects. Here they share interactions and reflect upon a phenomenal transparency as well as a literal transparency; a digital transparency and therein a phygital transparency. This is a notion of visibility that opposes a separation of physical and digital and encourages the digital to tear at physical seams.

Seams within purely physical architecture are the residue of parts – a legacy of tectonics that the digital does not have. Here, the digital uses these seams expressed as the interplay between physical material connections, high contrast edges, corners, projections and a myriad of spatial and formal overlaps to forge a new type of relationship between parts to wholes, and manifest themselves in a much more nuanced way than the mere agglomeration of physical architectural parts.

Opening 08.03.2019 at 7pm
Exhibition 09.03.2019-03.05.2019


iheartblob is an award winning architectural design studio and research collective formed by Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben James and Shaun McCallum, currently based in Vienna. The studio has a strong focus on the Architectural Object, yet, draws on core tenets from an array of philosophical and theoretical principles whilst exploring new models of architectural thinking and constructing. The work is meant to both enchant and reflect on the crisis of thought which runs through architecture today by investigating new and established ideas as though they were materials, engaging seriously with hard hitting agendas, whilst remaining at a distance from full immersion.

Each project revels in expanding new visual languages of architecture where projects are rarely seen in traditional plan and section but are rather expressed through mixed reality objects, real-time renderings as well as custom designed architectural software in an attempt to reflect their Lagrangian derivations. Through the exploration of these mediums, the work always enables new discussion surrounding our current cultural, practical and theoretical framework in which architecture resides. The studio has developed numerous provocative proposals for international competitions as well as having worked exhibited across the globe including Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, the Republic of Kugelmugel in Vienna and A+D Museum in Los Angeles.