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by Giacomo Pala 

© MAGAZIN 2022


Since the beginning of its existence, mankind has transformed objects, things and concepts to produce novelty: a constant transformation of things. The result of these transformations is an increasingly complex world where histories, cultures, technologies and nature are constantly changing, blending into ever more complex hybrids.

To discuss this theme, this exhibition builds on a precedent: MAN transFORMS, an exhibition curated by Hans Hollein in the 1970s. In this exhibition, famous for re-imagining the exhibition space, what Hollein called “typical objects” (typische Gegenstände) were also exhibited. Among them, bread: something that all civilisations have, sometimes sacred, sometimes not; always the same, yet always different - itself the result of a transformation of raw materials.

This exhibition transforms this theme. The main space is about the transformation of the exhibition itself into something new: the transformation of transFORMS. This section is the result of a series of formal alterations. Here you can find objects produced from a transformation of bread: scanned in 3d, then 3d printed in clay in collaboration with cera.LAB; in turn embedded within an object composed as an abstract and figurative whole that refers to the bread itself, on the one hand, and to the second room, on the other. There, one can find a more direct reinterpretation of Hollein’s work: a grid of breads, drawn by Hollein’s team, yet transformed into a new spatial environment.

Overall, this exhibition presents a number of ways of producing novelty through transformation, generating a range of spatial settings, and objects, both literal and non-literal; abstract and figurative; colourful and neutral.

Opening 04.02.2022    5-10 pm 

Exhibition 05.02. - 19.03.2022

Panel Discussion 19.03.2022  7 pm 

with Giacomo Pala, Anna Paul and Andreas Lechner

Giacomo Pala

Giacomo Pala is an architect and researcher based in Innsbruck where he is a research associate at the Institute of Architectural Theory of the Architecture Faculty. Previously, he has taught workshops at several institutions, including the CUINDA program at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (2020) and collaborated with a few practices. Through his work and research – alone or in collaboration with others - he seeks to address both theory and design in the attempt to theorise and formalise architecture as a syncretic experience: a dialogic object capable of combining different parts, ideas, aesthetics, forms and policies.

The exhibition is supported by the federal ministry for arts, culture, civil service and sport, the city of Vienna, the 4th district of Vienna, the department for architectural theory at the University of Innsbruck and cera.LAB.

All photos by Simon Veres